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Emre Dorman

İstanbul Yayınevi Eylül 2012

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İstanbul Yayınevi

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Arka Kapak Yazısı

Many people are deceived by the transient splendor of worldly life and spend their lives pursuing their wishes and desires. They drift within life like leaves in the wind. They forget that one day they will die, and not only do they make no preparations regarding their afterlife, they also live a life of no meaning and no value. But death is the twin of life. It is born when we are born. Every breath taken is half life, half death. That is how close death is to us.

Life is like the flame of a match between the darkness in the mother’s womb and the darkness under the ground. It will only take a few moments to extinguish. Life passes by in the blink of an eye. In order to wake up, it is first necessary to sleep. And in order to die, to live. We lived. We slept while we lived. We thought that we were alive, but we were in a deep sleep.

Do you have the courage to face the truth, to wake up from your worldly sleep and to question your life? If you do not, then you can put down this book, carry on with your life as before, until you reach the end of your allotted time. In other words, you can live as if you were never going to die and die as if you have never lived. Confront yourself, before you have to confront the inevitability of death.

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