HaberTürk Okan Bayülgen İle Beyin Bedava

Emre Dorman, 6 Aralık 2013 tarihinde Okan Bayülgen’in HaberTürk kanalında sunduğu ‘Beyin Bedava’ isimli programa konuk oldu. Konu: Ölüm ve Ötesi üzerineydi.


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  1. Keli says:

    It’s very related to how you pace out game mechanics as well, like how in the As1ssain&#82s7;s Creed games you don’t start out with every move and weapon. Only with information you’re training the player’s immersion instead of their reflexes. Jim, your point is dead-spot-on. I love when players can embrace really complicated aspects of a world, but there’s nothing quite like starting out as ignorant yokels and then learning about stuff as your character does to really imprint.

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